Saturday, October 19, 2013

St. George Marathon

What an awesome experience.

Got to hear Dick Beardsley speak at the expo. He is such a dynamic speaker. I loved listening to him. He shared the following four things he does each day to make life a little better. 

wake with a smile
speak with enthusiasm
have joy in your heart
and faith in your soul

So brilliant. We had him sign our bibs and snap a quick picture.

The morning of the race we woke up bright and early - 3:47 to be exact.

We loaded on a bus at about 5am and headed up to the starting line. It was frigid up there. I mean, so so cold. I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. We grabbed mylar blankets from the first aid table and I wrapped it around my head and upper body because I was losing all my body heat even thought I was wearing tons of layers. It was windy, and you know it's bad when you'd rather be in a porta potty than outside. We stripped down our layers and the gun went off. Jeff took off and I settled into my pace. 

The first six miles went by so quickly. I train alone so I'm not used to running around so many people, it was fun and distracting. At about mile seven I saw Jeff's parents and brother, then headed up Veyo hill, which wasn't terrible in my opinion. I did a little walking to make sure I had something left in my legs for the last seven miles of the race.

I stopped to use porta potty at miles 11, 13, 15, and 19. Majorly slowed me down. I was having some stomach cramping and was drinking too much water (when will I ever learn?!). 

At mile 15 we saw Mom and Norm. I was mentally falling apart at this point (but put on a big smile and thumbs up because I was still having fun) because I kept stopping to pee and it was messing with me mentally. Mom gave me a pep talk and it helped. 

At mile 19 I hit the wall. I walked a bit and just felt like I was shuffling my feet when I tried to run. I couldn't wrap my head around 7 more miles. It seemed so far. 

At mile 20 I remembered that I had an excedrine left in my pack and that was my lifesaver. I popped that pill and it carried me through the next six miles. 

Miles 22 to the finish had tons of spectators and I really used them to boost my energy. I gave high fives to all the kids who had their hands out. I felt like I picked up my pace and managed to pass a lot of people in the last two miles. 

When I saw the finish line about a quarter mile away I just started to cry. I was so happy to be accomplishing another marathon after a difficult year of training and injury. As soon as I finished I saw Jeff and I hugged him and cried a little more. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing support system when it comes to my running. 

My official time was 4:48:01. Three minutes slower than my goal, but I did manage to accomplish my resolution that I made in January to finish a marathon in under 4:50. I know I could have done better had I not stopped so many times. But, I'm new to this sport and still figuring it all out. There's always another race and another chance to get a PR. 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

playing catch up

I need to write. It has been too long since the last time I sat down to dump my thoughts into a blog post. Prepare for a self-indulgent post all about my woes.

Life lately has been...hard. I constantly feel stretched too thin and unable to focus on anything for too long. I want to simplify but I feel guilty if I'm not accomplishing and doing as much as other people. To say I've been trapped in comparisons lately would be an understatement. I have a lot of self worth tied up in how much I'm able to do and when I think I'm falling short I really struggle with how that makes me feel.

Training for the St. George Marathon is officially over. I will race on Saturday and then it will be over. I think I might take some time off of running for a while because I feel really burnt out on it. I hate feeling burnt out on the thing I love but it happens. I think some time apart from it will help - absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I cannot wait to see my parents and to see my hard work come to fruition on Saturday. I know it will be awesome.

Graduate school is kicking my butt. Facing all the things that you suck at when it comes to communication is exhausting work.

Work is blah. I'm trying to remind myself that this is temporary but when it's what you do day in and day out it's really hard to see the bigger picture.

There have been some absolutely fantastic things that have happened in my life. I witnessed the birth of my nephew Emmett! Jamie did amazing. She is seriously superwoman. I told her that when it comes time for me to have a baby she's going to be my doula and help me get through labor. Emmett is absolutely perfect and I love him so much. I can't even comprehend the love I will have for my own children if I feel so much love just for my nephew.

Another absolutely amazing event that I got to witness was the marriage of my best friend in Oakland. I got to be a bridesmaid and it was so good for my soul to go home, to be in Oakland at the temple and share the joy Victoria was experiencing. I love her so much. I'm so blessed to have her in my life. So grateful Jeff was willing to drive us for such a short trip! Victoria made such a beautiful bride. That girl is so pretty inside and out.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

learning to make videos

I'm in a class in my graduate program right now where we are learning some basics about new media. So far the class is a nice break from the typical textbook/lecture style classes we've been taking. This last week we had to storyboard a video and then film and edit it. It had to be 60 seconds and tell a story without audio. So, I did mine about lunch - simple simple. Here it is:

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I'm adding hair farmer to my resume

I've donated to locks of love three times now! I just made the cut on Wednesday night after class. Jenny did it for me in her kitchen and I really love it. It's going to make such a huge difference for me with marathon training.

This donation:

Hair lengths at each donation over last six years

The after shots each time, all similar but all different cuts, haha.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

catching up

Time to do a little catching up.

First things first - I'm no longer in physical therapy. I had a running evaluation and have met with three physical therapists and a sports medicine doctor and I'm well on my way to a full recovery. My hip feels so much better and I'm very slowly but surely running a little more regularly. Still, the furthest I've run has been 2.25 miles. I've been doing mostly treadmill miles, had a hard run outside one day and am hoping to have a better outdoor run today. 

 I snapped this picture of my leg after my running eval. It was really interesting to see what I need to work on (pushing my hips forward). 

As I move forward, I've decided that I want to focus much more heavily on cross training. I've really learned to love the bike and we all know how much I love swimming. One therapist, Lori, told me I should really consider triathlons. I've been wanting a road bike for a little while - those suckers just aren't cheap. 

I think that's really all I can say about running right now. I feel like I'm kind of in a weird place with it and just life in general. That's kind of my transition to talking about school.

I'm officially half way done with graduate school. 

I took this picture on the last day of my first year while walking to class. This program is really challenging me. I'm struggling with my motivation right now, but part of that might be because I'm taking a 3 credit MBA class over the course of 3 weekends. It is kind of crazy but it's worth it. I'm going to have 5 weeks off this summer and I am SO EXCITED! I'm ready for the break. 

The first weekend of that break I will be visiting my awesome mom for her 60th birthday! Can't wait for that trip home, even if it's a quick one. I did just see my mom over Easter because she came and visited me and saw my house. It was great to have her. I hosted Easter dinner and had Jeff's family and Steve and his girlfriend come up as well. It was really nice, fun to show off my house and have everyone get together. I used the china I was gifted from Autom, which was her grandmothers. Here's a little picture of a place setting.

Life lesson: Don't buy cheap plastic tablecloths. Not worth it.

Well the sun is shining and I think it's time I hit the road to get in my two miles for the day. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A little PT update

I've had four sessions of physical therapy. If I had written this post last week it would be full of positivity. But, I am writing it now. And right now, I hurt. I had an intense session of PT yesterday which included sweating and struggling to breath during some painful stretching.

Today I'm sore. It hurts to walk. I'm not the happiest camper. Kind of dreading tomorrow's session but hoping it doesn't hurt as bad, question mark? 

The frist two weeks I was feeling so strong, I was having no hip pain, I thought I was improving by leaps and bounds. Then, I tried pool running. And I did too much, too soon. My hip got pissed off. In conjunction with doing the pool running I was doing my PT exercises religiously and had starting using the Theraband for resistance. So I pushed it. I was working my hip and my weaknesses twice a day, seven days a week and so something had to give I guess. 

I went to my appointment yesterday a little discouraged and exasperated. Shane told me to take a rest from the exercises for two days and then start doing them again only once a day. He said I could keep up the pool running and the recumbent biking. 

This morning I woke up bright and early and planned to get in an hour of pool running. At about 25 minutes my hip was feeling really fatigued so I called it quits at 30 minutes and decided to swim laps. I used a pull buoy for the majority of my lap swimming because even light kicking seemed to irritate my hip. I'm currently on the couch icing and for the first time will be self-medicating with theraputic doses of naproxen. Shane will talk to Dr. Lyons about what anti-inflamatory he wants me to be using and at what dosage and let me know tomorrow but today is the first day that I just really can't deal with the pain. And honestly, I hate to use the word pain, because I really feel like it's just discomfort. I don't know, pain is so difficult to gauge. How do I really know what my pain scale is? I'm not writing on the floor but I'm also not walking comfortably. Anyway...I'm poppin' pills for the first time with this injury. My philosophy up to this point has really been to just let myself feel the pain and not mask it so I don't injure myself more. 

Recognizing when to stop is difficult for many runners. I think in general runners are so accustomed to feeling twinges and aches that it can be hard to identify what they can push through and what they shouldn't push through. 

I've broken this post up with these pictures of the posters on the wall of the natatorium where I swim, which happens to be half a mile from my house, love that! They have been getting me through the pool running and the sacrifice of waking up at 5 or 5:30. I know tons of people do it and get their workouts in but it's not that easy for me. I'm adjusting. I know that this pain and this discomfort is only temporary. I'm not even dealing with anything serious. Shane told me that this week isn't even a setback. It's just part of the process. And it is. This whole experience is part of my running journey.

I actually said last week that I'm grateful this happened so early in my running because it is teaching me what I need to do to be better, faster and stronger. The exercise I have are going to help me be the runner I want to be. I just have to be patient with this process. 

Friday, March 08, 2013

MRI results

I am so happy to say that my MRI results were awesome. Dr Lyons wanted to make sure I didn't have a labral tear (which is what he was worried about based on how I was describing my pain). This could have ultimately required arthroscopic surgery which was my biggest fear. Luckily my labrum is fully intact! Excellent news! I may have clapped in the office when he told me.

I do have trochanteric bursitis as well as teondonosis of the gluteus medius and hamstring. As Dr Lyons poked and prodded a bit more to explain where everything was I was able to recognize that the pain was radiating out to the side of my hip more than I realized. It still feels like the pain originates deep in the joint, like on the top of my femoral head, but it's a little further out on the greater trochanter. 

I start physical therapy on Monday and I'm so excited. I just got a little choked up writing that actually. The prospect of running pain free is just so exciting to me. I've really struggled all winter with the pain and indoor running. I wondered if I would ever want to run again. I didn't care about signing up for races or anything. I just lost all my motivation because running meant pain and difficulty, not joy and beauty. But the sun has started to shine and I can't wait to feel better and sign up for some races. 

I will be healing for 8-12 weeks, Dr Lyons said that it didn't necessarily mean I wouldn't be running that whole time. I just have to be patient and wait and see how I feel. So grateful to have access to such amazing medical care. I feel so blessed. You know you have a super legit doctor when he says part of your treatment plan includes, "Giving you a pimped out core workout that you have to do every day for the rest of your life." 

I'm ready to be a perfect patient and totally heal and never have hip pain ever again. If anyone has suffered through this then you have my sympathies. It's rough. Any other runners want to share messages of hope for overcoming an injury?